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  • To be considered for grants in our spring cycle, applications must be submitted, with all required materials, by March 15th, 2024.  Grant awards will be announced no later than June 1st. 

  • To be considered for grants in our fall cycle, applications must be submitted, with all required materials, by October 1st, 2024.  Grant awards will be announced no later than December 1st. 


Our due diligence process obligates us to take responsibility for learning about the organizations who apply for support, and about the people, the work, and the change they seek to make. We may request to meet with your leadership team, or to visit your location(s) as part of our process. 


  • 501c3 nonprofit organizations and community groups with a 501c3 fiscal sponsor

  • Headquartered and operating in Maine, with Wabanaki leadership

  • Demonstrates strategic and programmatic attention to issues of priority to Wabanaki communities


Before you apply, please make sure you have read our Purpose and Values statements, and that your work aligns clearly with the goals of the Foundation.

How to Apply 

  • Click here to notify the Foundation of your intention to apply for a particular grant cycle.  NOTIFICATION IS NOT REQUIRED, but letting us know when you intend to apply help us project our grant cycle funding, and gives us more of an opportunity to get to know your organization.

  • Log in to the Foundation's grants portal to create or update your organizational profile.

  • Provide basic organizational information

    • Mission statement or other governing language

    • IRS 501c3 determination letter or fiscal sponsor's 501c3 determination letter

    • For sponsored groups, a letter from your fiscal sponsor confirming your status as a sponsored group

    • A list of current officers or leadership staff and governing board, with affiliations.

  • Make a compelling case, in whatever way feels authentic to you, for funding your organization or project. What fuels your passion and commitment? Help us understand the community in which you work, why the work your organization does is crucial to your community, how you evaluate the impact you have had in the past, and the change you are working to realize in the future. We are also interested in learning how you collaborate with others in your community in order to accomplish your goals. 

  • Attach any other documentation or media that will help us to know you better.


Financial Information: 

  • For 501(c)(3) organizations, IRS Form 990 for the last completed fiscal year (required)

  • For fiscally sponsored programs, Budget information detailed below

  • Most recent audited financials (if available)

Budget (for all applicants, in one spreadsheet, allowing for side-by-side comparison):

  • Budget vs Actuals for previous fiscal year 

  • Budget vs Actuals-to-Date for Current Fiscal Year 

  • Year-End Projections for Current Fiscal Year 


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