Our Interests

We have faith in human curiosity and our natural inclination to learn.  We tend to support programs with a strong educational core that promote personal, communal, and systemic growth toward a more compassionate, respectful, and inclusive world.


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In the spring of 2020, the US Census Bureau will conduct the next decennial count of all people living in the United States.  An accurate count is crucial for many reasons: representative districts are designed using data derived from the census, and federal and state funding allocations often follow the geographic distribution of the population.


Significant challenges threaten the accuracy of this next count: web-based data collection may exclude households without internet access; the "citizenship question," although apparently dead, has scared many into distrusting the use and purpose of the census; and many people may not be willing to answer the door to census workers because of current fears about personal security and privacy.   

An accurate count is critical.  We urge all our partner organizations to become actively involved in working with their client communities to encourage full participation in the census.

For more information, see https//:2020census.gov.